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Crossing is a complex but never confusing thriller with a twist. Solid performances, strong atmospherics, and a perverse streak that never panders make this fetish-fueled drama a striking entry in the neo-noir canon.”- Gary Morris, Bright Lights Film Journal

- Alexandra Breen, Flare

“With her pouty lips and voluptuous curves paired with a chummy girl-next-door demeanour Crystal Bublé certainly does have a captivating presence that lights up the screen. The scene in which she fondles a strap-on dildo through baggy men's briefs may yet prove to be one of the most weirdly erotic acts of foreplay in Canadian cinema.”
- Alex Gill, The Globe and Mail

“Writer Douglas Coupland and director Paul Fox's film, Everything's Gone Green and Roger Evan Larry and Sandra Tomc's thriller, Crossing, (both opening on Friday) share the same turf, but they're on opposite sides of the city -- and in this case, East Vancouver (Crossing) meets, and beats the crap out of, West Vancouver (Everything's Gone Green)...(Crossing) makes good use of typical gangster motifs but in its quieter introspective moments, there is something more interesting...the sex is surprisingly erotic, and Sebastian Spence brings a silky reptilian charm to the role of Daniel.”
Dorothy Woodend, The Tyee

CROSSING ... surprises and delights in strange and unexpected ways.  Expertly and evocatively shot, wonderfully cast and vastly entertaining….  You cannot take your eyes off Sebastian Spence, absolutely riveting in a subtle and sympathetic performance.  Backing him up, an outstanding ensemble of the Vancouver underworld’s most eccentric (yet somehow also endearing) low-lifes, from Crystal Bublé’s aching hooker-with-a-heart to Alan C. Peterson’s pervert procurer, Bernie Coulson’s aspiring comedian thug to rocker Bif Naked’s lesbo leg-breaker.”
- Rob Salem, The Toronto Star

 “Crossing gets a nice rhythm going… Everyone in the breezy tale is trying to get out of, or into, some kind of trouble … There's also a big dose of family psychology to spice up the fun.”
- Ken Eisner, The Georgia Straight

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Bif Naked music video

See Bif Naked's video
'My Greatest Masterpiece'

Crossing, opens Friday April the 20th 2007 at The Carlton in Toronto and Friday April 20th at The Fifth Avenue in Vancouver. Crossing is a deft, quirky thriller laced with sex, blackmail and gender bending glamour. At times comical, romantic, erotic, suspenseful and shot in a gritty but elegant film noir style, the story revolves around tough-guy Daniel Cimmerman (Sebastian Spence, "Dawson’s Creek", "First Wave"), a gangster who discovers the joys and perils of cross-dressing. It also stars Crystal Bublé ("Cold Squad", "Donovan Life", sister of crooner Michael Bublé) as the blackmailing hooker Daniel falls hard for, Fred Ewanuick ("Corner Gas") as his best pal and rock star Bif Naked as a leg breaker for the mob.

crossing soundtrack

The soundtrack from Warner Music Canada, includes an original Bif Naked track, "My Greatest Masterpiece" (click link to see the video); as well as standout tracks by Michael Bublé, Sarah Slean, Buck 65, Champion, Lester, Oh Susanna, Philosopher Kings and Swollen Members featuring Nelly Furtado.


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