“CROSSING ... surprises and delights in strange and unexpected ways. Expertly and evocatively shot, wonderfully cast and vastly entertaining, this modest little mob drama has so much more to offer than a cursory description of its wonky plot might indicate. Because, let's face it,how many films could even pull off having a conflicted, cross-dressing criminal kingpin as their main protagonist?

And, more to the point, make you love him? You cannot take your eyes off Sebastian Spence, absolutely riveting in a subtle and sympathetic performance. Backing him up, an outstanding ensemble of the Vancouver underworld’s most eccentric (yet somehow also endearing) low-lifes, from Crystal Bublé’s aching hooker-with-a-heart to Alan C. Peterson's pervert procurer, Bernie Coulson’s aspiring comedian thug to rocker Bif Naked's lesbo leg-breaker.”

Rob Salem, Entertainment Columnist - The Toronto Star