Crossing is about a gangster who discovers the thrills and perils of cross-dressing. Daniel Cimmerman, a handsome cool MBA, makes a deathbed promise to his mob boss father to take the business legit and brng honour to the family name. While glad to be able to do something to finally win his father's respect, Daniel discovers that the only thing standing in his way, is his own secret desire - so secret that Daniel barely knows it himself - to dress up like a girl. Set up for blackmail by rival hood, Uncle Bunny, and his reluctant, camera-wielding hooker, Davina, Daniel finds himself lost in a world of crime and desire, lingerie and love, where choosing to keep his promises may be the most dangerous choice of all. Part Sopranos, part The Crying Game and part funny Harlequin Romance, Crossing delivers a suspenseful, action-packed punch.